Stop Taking Notes

I am such a nerd when it comes to organization and productivity, but the real reason I like to take notes while I read is because it helps me remember what I’ve read. There are multiple schools of thought on taking notes when reading, mainly, don’t bother - just let the important stuff rise to the top, and yes, definitely take notes but in your own words.

Because the notes stay as separate notes. Ideas and knowledge remains scattered as individual pieces. In regular note-taking, connections between ideas are not made by default. When reviewing a note, other relevant notes (i.e., ideas) don’t present themselves.

This method, while interesting and maybe more valuable, would be much more work for sure:

But putting in the effort upfront, during note-taking, makes it significantly easier to review and use your notes to synthesize content when writing.

Source: Stop Taking Regular Notes; Use a Zettelkasten Instead